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Eggshell Style Gel Nail Polish

Eggshell Style Gel Nail Polish

Eggshell Style Gel Nail Polish

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Product Description:
Eggshell Style Gel Nail Polish, with different background colors and styles.Irregular spot nail art, simple and stylish, show your personality.Strong adhesion, good toughness, not easy to crack.

Why Choose Our Gel Polish?
It is made of healthy, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and irritating chemical materials. It can dry quickly under any ultraviolet light/lamp, and last for at least 30 days. This nail gel polish is easy to apply and no skill required.
Best nail gift for yourself or your girlfriend.

Volume: 6ml
Ingredient: Resin

Package contains:
1 Bottle 6ml Soak Off Eggshell Gel Nail Polish

Step 1. Get nails clean, and clip nails as a normal nail art process.
Step 2. Due to ingredient may be precipitated on the bottom, please shake up the gel polish, so the gel polish ingredient is balanced.
Step 3. Apply base coat (which makes gel polish last longer), and cure with UV lamp.
Step 4. Apply a layer of UV gel, and cure with UV lamp for about 2 minutes.
Step 5. Apply a layer of eggshell gel and cure with UV lamp again.
Step 6. Apply the second layer eggshell and cure.
Step 7. Apply a layer of reinforcing gel and cure. (Optional)
Step 8. Apply a layer of matte top coat (or top coat), and cure for the very last time, then you are done! Show your achievement to others!


1. File the nail surface.
2. Apply nail wipes about 7-10 mins.
3. Apply gel remover to remove the excess gel.
4. Apply nail cuticle oil and massage it gently.

Gentle Tips:
1. Avoid all skin contact. If redness or other signs of adverse reaction occur, discontinue to use immediately.
2. Keep the bottles tightly sealed, out of sunlight and out of reach of children.

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