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Why you should pay more attention to nail care after doing gel nails polish

The % of OLs who like to do gel nails (phototherapy) has increased recently, but there's a thing you should know, the better of the long time effect of nails is maintained, the better you can do anything easily without waiting for the nail polish to dry.

When doing many times of gel nail polish, Have you ever discovered that It becomes easy to break or the nail surface becomes thinner?
Let us tell you after the phototherapy, what kind of nails care need to be paid more attention to.

1. Strengthen the maintenance of the finger edge

Gel nail polish is a chemical substance after all, doing this often which can easily cause the nail surface, finger edges to dry out and affect the growth of the surrounding keratin. It is recommended to rub some nail treatment oil around the edge of the finger after the phototherapy. If the phototherapy falls off accidentally, do not peel it off by yourself. It is best to leave it to a professional manicurist to do the removal.

2. How to extend the life of gel nail polish

Try to reduce the use of "fingertips" and switch to "finger pads" to do things, such as wearing gloves to protect the nail surface when doing housework. In addition, hot water such as hot springs, spa or bath will also affect the durability of the gel nail surface.

If you want to trim the length of your nails, it is recommended to use a nail file instead of a nail clipper. In addition, make sure to avoid bad habits such as biting your nails or picking the decorations on gel nails.

3. Pay more attention to hand cleanliness than usual

if the air goes in or gets either moisture or dirt into the nail surface while a manicurist doing the gel nail polish, it is easy to cause infection, such as onychomycosis, but it will be more difficult to discover when the gel nail is covered/polished (some manicurists will still continue doing gel nail polish without even paying attention to the health of the nails), then it will cause vicious circle of nails. If it causes infection, it is recommended to stop the phototherapy first and let the nails to be restored back to the health before doing any further nail stuff.

4. Why are my nails thinning?

In order to make the nail surface smooth when doing gel manicure, if the polishing force that manicurist puts out is not good enough, the nail would be thin when over force, and If continue doing the gel manicure, the nail would be easily deformed (inwardly), It is best to take a rest at this time for about three months, and if in severe cases, it may be best to let the nails rest for a year.

5. Get with pro manicurists for removing nails every 2~3 weeks if you're new.

The best effect of the time for gel nail polish is about three weeks. If the tip or side of the nail is lifted, do not tear the whole piece by yourself, It would cause nail injury easily. You can trim off the lifted part with a nail clipper, and have a manicurist to remove it. In fact, regardless of whether the gel manicure is maintained or not, it is recommended that you should perform the removal of the nail by the professional manicurist three weeks after the gel nail polish.

6. Nails will have to take a break too

Many people continue doing gel nail polish even after noticing that their nails have been injured, which will make the nails easy to chip.
In addition to rubbing the nail treatment oil to strengthen moisturizing, don't forget to drink plenty of water also. Supplementing water is good for the body; treat your body good equals treat your nails good. Only then we can continue doing beautify our nails!

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